Testing the Stop motion method part III - small film to illustrate the NGO Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke's fictive #taxnomination campaign (Isabella M. Jørgensen, Karolina Leszkowicz, Mette Sofie Gervig, Sandra Engen. Most illustrations in this film are by me.) 
Ginnette - the best a woman can get! - testing the stop motion method part II
Story board for 'Ginnette - the best a woman can get!' (drawings by another team member)
Spring is arriving - testing the stop motion method, illustration only
Testing the film Irmas øko-kaffe: Kvalitet, hygge ... + det ekstra! - testing film making with no use of stop motion (Mette Sofie Gervig + Sandra Engen)

Testing testing 1, 2, 3: These three mini film/stop motion projects has been realized in collaborations with co-students during an optional 2 week course in film making for beginners during my education in Brand Design at Copenhagen School of Design and Technology in 2014. 

These are the first (and so far only) film clips I've made. The goal of producing the films was to gain basic understanding of film creation for business using simple tools such as smartphone, tripod, a home-made mini light box and iMovie and other common film apps for editing.


This is a school project and the companies mentioned in the film clips has not been involved in this project in any way. 

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